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About us

Our Mission

Start Sport New Zealand was founded to foster a passion for sport in every child. Our goal is to break down all the barriers that may be stopping children from learning how to lead an active lifestyle. Equal opportunities should exist for everyone to be involved in sport because by getting our children to participate in regular physical activity we teach them the foundations and the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We know that physical activity and sports have a vast range of benefits for our community. Inactivity continues to damage the physical and mental wellbeing of New Zealanders and participation in sports and exercise in our youth is decreasing across the board. It’s important to us to see children enjoying play, happily running around, being involved and releasing endorphins, the chemical reaction of happiness in the human body.

We specialise in inspiring all children to find joy through movement at our sports days and ensuring environments that encourage every child to want to not only participate but give it their all.

Who we are and what do we do?

There seems to be an ever-growing list of challenges when it comes to getting our children active these days and that is exactly why we decided to set up this charitable trust. With well over 50 years of combined experience in the fitness and sports industries, we know the reasons holding a child back from participating in sports and enjoying a healthy lifestyle and now its time to remove all of those obstacles and smash any of those barriers to the ground.

Start Sport New Zealand, with the support of our main partners Try Fitness and SportAnalytik NZ, travel the nation holding & funding fun sports days. We fund a range of comprehensive school programs, such as:

  • Get Into Sports Days
  • Give It A Go Days

Get Into Sports Days - Powered by our partners Sport Analytik NZ, children have their own fun sports science based 'mini’ Olympics. The results of each activity provides detailed sports science data to help a child develop their sporting skills & boost their confidence to try something new.

The data from our global partners helps parents, teachers, and students alike to understand their progress and sporting development. We can identify the sports being left behind and encourage students to try 8 new sports to increase their participation in as many sports as possible.

With enthusiastic coaching,, backed by scientific data, and simply encouraging kids to get involved, we can help every child fall in love with sports.

Give It A Go Days - Powered by our team of professional coaches and partners, our community team builds on & funds extra programs designed to follow on from our 'Get Into Sports Days'.

The idea is now equipped with data to help these students our focus can shift to encouraging further our children to actually try something new, something being left behind and leave them with even more confidence that trying new sports is fun.

The Difference We Have Made So Far 

Currently we have helped almost 1400 children all over New Zealand, but we're not stopping there. Help us reach our goal of growing this number to 10,000 children over the next 12 months today by becoming a regular supporter. 

How you can get involved.

If you are passionate about seeing our youth active we want to hear from you. 

--> Teachers looking for sports events

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--> Local business partnerships

--> Sports clubs looking to increase participation

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